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好消息 -- 新產品 (碳焙桑葉茶)New Product (Charcoal roasted Mulberry Tea)

炭焙桑葉茶葉是在傳統半發酵的桑葉茶基礎上, 木炭再次進行約6 - 12小時的炭焙時間(故而得名), 火候必須掌握恰到好處, 溫度不太高, 50 - 60度是最好的, 因為傳統的炭火燒桑葉茶, 必須有人照顧爐注意防止對茶葉本身的品質過多的影響。炭焙桑的茶葉回甘特別,有獨特的 口感,品嘗之後喉嚨特別舒爽,帶有強烈的火香味。

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好消息 -- 新產品 (碳焙桑葉茶)New Product (Charcoal roasted Mulberry Tea)
好消息 -- 新產品 (碳焙桑葉茶)New Product (Charcoal roasted Mulberry Tea)


2020年11月01日 下午11:40 – 2020年12月31日 下午11:59

粉嶺流水響道36A, 36A Lau Shui Heung Road, Fanling


Charcoal roasted mulberry tea is based on traditional semi-fermented mulberry leaf tea. Charcoal is again carried out for about 6-12 hours of charcoal roasting time (hence the name). The heat must be adequately controlled. The temperature is not too high, 50-60 degrees Best, because traditional charcoal-fired mulberry leaf tea, someone must take care of the furnace to prevent excessive influence on the quality of the tea itself. The charcoal roasted mulberry tea leaves are incredibly sweet and have a unique taste. After tasting, the throat is incredibly refreshing with a strong fire aroma.

From now to December 31, 2020, if you purchase any product over RMB 500, you will get a box of Carbon Peisang Tea (worth RMB 68) while stocks last!


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