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桑果園採用桑寄生,再配合桑果乾成為獨特風味的一種健康強身糖水。現代醫學證明:桑寄生有降壓及對中樞神經系統有一定鎮靜作用,桑寄生中的扁蓄甙有顯著的利尿作用,對傷寒幹菌、葡萄球菌有抑菌作用,並提高T細胞數量與增強T細胞的作用及有一定的鎮痛作用。桑椹中含有多種維生素、氨基酸、活性蛋白、胡蘿蔔素、雲香甙以及礦物質等多種營養成份,能改善胃腸功能,增加肌體活力,護肝排毒,提高人體免疫力,達到養顏、美容、健體的目的。更年期婦女出現「陰虛內熱」- 潮熱出汗、眼睛乾澀、大便乾結等,則可以使用桑椹,能夠補腎陰而不燥,紓緩以上腎陰不足的症狀。

桑果桑寄生 Mulberry with Taxillus Herb 60g

庫存單位: GT-60TW
  • Mulberry Farm matches dried mulberry with Chinese Taxillus Herb to make a unique flavor of healthy body-building sweet soup.  Modern medicine proves that Chinese Taxillus Herb can dispel wind-damp, and excels in toxifying liver and kidney, strengthening tendons and bones and has diuretic functions. It has antibacterial effect on typhoid bacteria and staphylococcus, and increases the number of T cells. Enhance the role of T cells and have a certain analgesic effect. Mulberry contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids, active protein, carotene and minerals, can improve gastrointestinal function, liver detoxification, immunity system. Women at menopause stage might have "Yin deficiency and internal heat"- hot flashes, chills, dry eyes, night sweats, and constipation issues. Together with mulberry fruit, Chinese Taxillus herb can help alleviate menopause symptoms.

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