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新鮮桑葉曬乾磨成粉后,與麵粉按照一定的比例混合, 變成了桑葉面粉,再做出桑葉麵。桑葉不但能降三高,散風除熱,清肝明目外,古醫書還說它有「駐容顏,烏鬚髮」的功效。桑葉食用方式多樣,營養成分吸收快,具有促進新陳代謝、血液迴圈、消除疲勞等功效。桑葉就是把桑葉美食提升到另一層次

桑葉麵配草本調味料(Mulberry Noodles)

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  • After the fresh mulberry leaves are dried and ground into powder, they are mixed with flour in a certain proportion to become mulberry leaf dough, and that is how mulberry leaf noodles are made. Mulberry leaves can not only help improve diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but it also helps detoxify the liver, improve eyesight, improve sleep quality, clear lungs, enhance beauty and relieve constipation. Old books has written that mulberry leaves have the effect of "keeping youth and healthy hair." Mulberry leaves can be eaten in various ways, with fast absorption of nutrients, and have the effects of promoting metabolism, blood circulation, and eliminating fatigue. Mulberry leaf noodles are to take mulberry leaf cuisine to another level!

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