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無果桑酵素 200ml(Mulberry Enzyme with no Fruit)

庫存單位: GK-30
  • Mulberry enzymes which help darken the hair and fight against aging, are generally mild. Since mulberry enzymes have high efficacy from mulberries, they not only can nourish the kidneys, help improve bowel movement, but also help alleviate knees and back problems from asthenic cold of kidney; reduce night vision; tinnitus; and joints problems. This natural pollution-free product is the first choice for nourishing the liver and kidneys. In the process of activating human cells, it accelerates metabolism to enhance physical strength, and help reconstruct new cells. The sugar that has been fermented becomes oligosaccharides which the Diabetics can also take with appropriate amount. Mulberry enzymes are easily absorbed by the body to make it rejuvenate quickly. 

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