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桑葉含人體所需的18中氨基酸,維生素B1, B2, C,及礦元素。其內含一種特殊降糖物質(DNJ)能有效延緩澱粉轉化為糖分經小腸進入體內,令餐後血糖值不致過高。桑茶不含咖啡因,故沒有飲茶後不能睡眠的反應,相反有安神作用,令人易於入睡。此茶化痰止咳, 健胃消食,防腦退化,排出毒素,美容養顏,可降血糖,降膽固醇,降血壓,清熱解毒 ,護理脂肪肝,小兒冒汗,暗瘡,便秘,調理腸胃,碳焙茶對人體產生很好的保健作用,主要可抗人體衰老、抗癌症、抗動脈硬化、消除脂肪肝、防治糖尿病、殺菌止痢、解煙、酒、藥毒作用。

陳皮碳焙桑葉茶(Citrus Charcoal Roasted Mulberry Tea)

庫存單位: GT-4CS
  • Charcoal roasting urges the tea to continue to dry, so that water content of the tea is controlled below 5%. When the water content in the tea is at 3% -5%, the moisture in the tea plays a role of blocking oxygen, so that carbon roasted mulberry tea can be stored at room temperature for a long time. Fresh teas are often accompanied by stinky blue, bitter, and off-flavors and staleness caused by improper storage. Through roasting at a certain temperature, the taste of tea can be made pure, freshness can be increased, and the aroma of fire can be restored. Mulberry tea then is more aromatic.Citrus Tea can help reduce phlegm and cough, improve digestion, eliminate toxins from the body, enhance beauty and lower blood pressure.

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